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Nordic Investment Partners is a platform for strategy advice, business development inspiration and investment ideas and themes. On this website you find;


  • investment roadmap updates are complimentary on this web-page
  • Advice Capital Vision Fund introduction 
  • Nordic Value Investor Conference - a formal conference for sharing of investment ideas and themes forming the investment landscape


Ole S√łeberg has more than 35 years of broadbase investment experience obtained though positions in fund management, Investor Relations, strategy/business development, board and management positions in investment banking, telecom, insurance, asset management companies and family trusts.

Business analysis and strategy advice is provided on a very selective basis and customary fee level.

The investor mindset, analytics and years in the corporate cockpit has given a unique insight that can be applied into action plans for better navigation.

For strategy, business development and IR sparring including sounding board or consultancy services please feel free to reach out. 

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