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Nordic Investment Partners is a privately owned advisory for investors. Founder, Ole Søeberg, has 38 years of working experience almost evenly spread in asset management, Investor Relations roles in large companies and investment banking. 

Advisory and consultancy is provided within 

  • Shareholder issues such as disclosure improvements, strategy clarification aimed towards investors, how to handle activism, ESG reporting and other issues BoD and daily mangement face on a regular basis
  • Deep dive IR company understanding for targeted investor approach 
  • Strategy/leadership sparring
  • Specifically in 2022; capital raising for plant based high-end protein production facilities
  • investment advice in liquid (listed) assets and mostly equities. Investors must rely on informed decisions, which in essence leads insight that provides an informed basis for investment outcomes

On this website you find


  • investment roadmaps and quarterly updates 
  • Nordic Value Investor Conference - a conference for sharing of investment ideas and themes forming the investment landscape more on www.nordic-value.dk
  • Feel free to reach out via the contact box below

Chart highlight

Massive valuation contraction in 1H 2022

4 July 2022 

Stock markets are down more than 20% and in bear territory. Higher inflation, interest rates and geopolitcal turmoil has caused the decline. So far the fundamentals remain strong with low unemployment and solid cash balances for consumers and corporates. Yet, central banks have started to take the punch bowl away from the party and a round of hangovers could be next if inflation do not cool off.

Valuation is not the best predictor for stock market direction, but there's a tendency towards certain intervals working as floor and ceiling on a given level of interest rates. 

One of the the most popular industries in the last couple of years was semiconductors. Semiconductor earnings might well fall from the current levels as the shortage of chips becomes a oversupply into weak demand trends, but it will not change the longer term need for ever better semiconductors for digitalization of almost anything. Assuming a 10% activity decline in semi's and same earnings impact as in past downswings then semi's seems to be more three quarters thru a full cycle in stock market terms

 Below is the chart of MSCI World semiconductor forward P/E ratio since 2012


Nordic Investment Partners is owned by Ole Søeberg. More on LinkedIn




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