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Financial markets are swimming in money

1 September 2021

Central banks have been very accomodtive since 2008 and the last 13 years have seen multiple articles and commentators warnings about a financial bubble. 

That might well be the case, especially in bond markets. Equities do however create revenues and earnings that support the financial value/stock price. As long as the global economies are driven by innovation, productivity increases and to lesser extend more people in work and price increases, then equities should continue their upward trend. 

Oxford Economics and Chicago FED have analyzed global capital flows and concluded there's more money made (Asia in the lead here) than the money neededto finance government deficits elesewhere. Hence, the world will continue to swim in money. And it doesn't stop from one minute to another, so there should be plenty of time to react once the tide turns. 

Go for stocks with higher return rather than bonds and cash deposits, but obviously only if you can live with the occasional volatility

Below is Ed Yardeni chart on S&P500 performance and below that AC Vision Fund

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