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The future is bright according to the stock market

19 October 2020

A simple screening shows that almost 400 listed companies are valued at more than 5 billion USD and trades above 10 times 12 month realized sales

There's nothing wrong with valuations at those levels provided the companies deliver growth, and very solid growth, for the next 20 years. Many companies have delivered solid growth for decades, but never before have so many companies delivered at the same time. 

Many of the future winner businesses are found in the pool, but be aware of the valuation risk if the growth profile turns out not to be sustainable

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Nordic Investment Partners is a privately owned advisory and network platform.

Advisory and consultancy is provided on a very selective basis. Focus is on strategy clarification and business roadmap and then made into investor presentations and capital finding/ investor maintenance consultancy.

Investment advice is only available through  Advice Capital Vision Fund. 

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  • investment roadmap updates are complimentary on this web-page
  • Advice Capital Vision Fund introduction. More on www.advicecapital.eu
  • Nordic Value Investor Conference - a conference for sharing of investment ideas and themes forming the investment landscape


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