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Performance of AC Vision Fund

3 May 2021

AC Vision Fund was launched in late November 2018 and have to date returned 52% after fees and in DKK. For comparison the general stock market has returned 39%.

AC Vision Fund operate as a global absolute return fund with focus on approximately 25 companies that are characterized by sustainable growth, good stewardship, reasonable valuation and potential to become 
multibaggers. Since inception the fund have had four multibaggers of which two have been sold out due to stretched valuation. 

In 2020 the fund returned 22.5% after fee in DKK and on a 12 month rolling the return is 82%. In 2021 year-to-date the after fee return is 14.0%.

The forward roadmap looks good as the companies in the fund are expected to have 24% annual growth in operating earnings from 2020 to 2023. And it's not 'growth at any price', so the valuation of the fund is at P/E22 16x, which is in line with the general market. 

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Nordic Investment Partners is a privately owned advisory and network platform.

Advisory and consultancy is provided on a very selective basis. Focus is on strategy clarification and forming of execution roadmap. This can be applied in investment strategies, corporate development, Investor Relations/capital findings and ongoing pit-stop check-ups. 

Investment advice is only available through  Advice Capital Vision Fund

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  • Advice Capital Vision Fund introduction. More on www.advicecapital.eu
  • Nordic Value Investor Conference - a conference for sharing of investment ideas and themes forming the investment landscape more on www.nordic-value.dk


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