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Nordic Investment Partners is a platform for allround strategy advice from business analysis and development inspiration to investment themes and ideas.

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  • investment roadmap updates are complimentary on this web-page
  • Advice Capital Vision Fund introduction. More on www.advicecapital.eu
  • Nordic Value Investor Conference - a conference for sharing of investment ideas and themes forming the investment landscape


Business analysis and strategy advice is provided on a very selective basis and customary fee level.

The investor mindset, analytics and years in the corporate cockpit has given a unique insight that can be applied into action plans for better navigation.

A simple principle 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' (Leonardo da Vinci)

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Coronavirus 2020 has put an abrupt stop to economic activity. It's rational to stop activity to reduce the pace of virus spread, but it has significant impact on financial assets
A look at previous episodes of a sudden stop can give some indication of the road forward. Ignoring the daily noise of the financial markets shows  markets can function as early indication of future direction. Here's S&P Comp during WWII

Roadmap 2020, roadmap updates and insights

Roadmap 2020 update 1Q

How AI will impact financial markets in 2020s