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Nordic Investment Partners is a privately owned advisory and network platform.

Advisory and consultancy is provided on a very selective basis. Focus is on strategy clarification, communication, capital finding and forming of execution roadmap. This can be applied in investment strategies, corporate development and Investor Relations execution

Investment advice is only available through  Advice Capital Vision Fund

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Chart of the month

Growth leads momentum

21 November 2021

2021 stock market performance has been much better than most investors had hoped for. The key driver has been solid earnings upgrades and valuations in November 2021 are at the same level as January 2021 despite a 25% jump in stock prices.

MSCI World ACWI is valued at 70trl $ and with a 2022 P/E of 18.4x. Consequently earnings are 3.800bn $. And the estimated earnings growth is 8% in 2022.

For the Growth Developed Markets cluster the total market cap is 32trl$ and a P/E22 of 29.8x, which implies earnings of 1.100bn$

For the Value DM cluster the total market cap is 29trl$ and a P/E22 of 14.2x, which implies earnings of 2.050bn$. 

Modest long term growth prospects motivates appetite for growth assets. This is getting amplified by low return profiles on cash and bonds. These factors will continue in the coming quarters, but keep an eye open for increased investments in traditional areas such as mining for materials for electric vehicles as well as fossil fuels as demand is high and new supply investments have been sub-par for several years.

Below is selected MSCI factor indicies to illustrate the investor appetite