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Nordic Investment Partners was founded in 2017 by Ole Søeberg. Ole has a broad and long experience in global equity markets since early 1980's. He has been in investment banking, Investor Relations in large corporates and Asset Management and in various leadership roles.

Nordic Investment Partners functions as a family office. However, being a long term investor there's time for other activities such as;

Advisory, research and consultancy is provided within 

  • Investment inspiration for investment funds and family offices. Focus on wealth preservation and growth using GARP and deep due diligence. External roadmaps are provided on a quarterly basis. The roadmaps have worked quite well over time
  • Ambassador and introducer for Coeli Global Select. Link                            Global long only, concentrated portfolio of 30-35 companies. High quality 'champions' and a smaller section of 'special situations', growth without overpaying. Since inception in 2014 the fund has returned 15% per year (in SEK) and 3% better than MSCI World. The fund's founder Andreas Brock has made this book for better insight in the investment thinking

  • Nordic Value investment learning and inspiration 'not-for-profit' conference
  • Contributor and/or speaker at Cyprus Value, ValuEspana, MOI Global and SumZero. Investor idea sharing and always good education and inspiration
  • Advisory  and other assignments have been or are within plant based protein production, Bristlecone Pacific longevity eco-system, AI Alpha LAbs artificial intelligence for stock selection, specialist witness, M&A potential within the Nordic asset managment universe, speaker ande moderator at IR conferences, IPO pricing and corporate equity story (IR) refinement advisory

Reach out if you're interested knowing more. You can reach me on ole.soeberg@nordic-investment-partners.com

On this website you find

  • Investment roadmaps and quarterly updates for inspiration and education only
  • Nordic Value Conference - a conference for investment entusiast sharing investment ideas. More on Nordic Value section on this site


Nordic Investment Partners is owned by Ole Søeberg. More on LinkedIn




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Monthly observation

Where to in 2024? 


2 January 2024

2023 turned out to be a much better return year than anticipated. A large handful of very large companies such as Apple, Microsoft and NVIDIA contributed most of the value add. In very broad terms then tech and growth pharma outperformed and energy and stable earners (bond proxies)  underperformed. 

From the outset, 2024 looks to be more of the same but with broader participation. Bottom up earnings growth for 2024 is for 3.4 trillion $ net income, up 17% for MSCI World developed markets and S&P500 earnings are expected to grow 12%. This paves the way for good returns in the stock market as valuations ex the 10 largest companies are at 15x fwd P/E. That's not demanding and as interest rates likely decline in line with lower inflation, then there's room for a valuation expansion. 

2024 therefore looks like a 10-20% return year. 

Markets never move as planned and there's plenty of events that can rock the boat

in both directions. Check the 2024 roadmap for more details. 

Børsen had two articles over the New Year weekend. A group of experienced investors pick stocks and the performance is measured at year end. My 2023 picks did well; Meta +184%, Matas +69% and Simcorp +55%

My picks for 2024 are ALK Abello, Alibaba and Royal Unibrew