Investment roadmaps

Roadmaps can be quite static as the route you see on a map is much different when it becomes reality. How often have you not imagined a new holiday destination only to realize it's completely different to what you imagined?


A financial market roadmap gives directions, but one has to be open-minded to change route if road conditions or weather forecasts change substantially

The next 10-15 years investment returns will not be like the past 20-30 years that was fuelled by ever lower interest rates. The underlying sales growth has declined from 12% in early 1990s to around 4% in the last few years. The forward pace will be close to the 4-5% and hence lower than the 8% stock market annual return investors have been accustomed to since the 1980s

The main thing that can provide higher returns in the future is higher productivity growth. With new opportunities in sorting and analyzing data via AI then we could well be in the first round of a major productivity change that goes on well into the 2030s

Investment roadmaps, updates and themes are found below

 A few investment quotes to keep in mind at all times;  


1. 'The mind is like a parachute. It only works if it is open' 

2. 'Don't look at mosquito on the windscreen, but at the road ahead' 

3. 'Stocks walk up the stairs, but take the elevator down'

4. 'Invest your time before you invest your money'

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Previous monthly roadmap updates found below. Please note from 4Q 2019 the complementary updates will be quarterly only

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