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Nordic Value 2022 

Due to the situation with Covid-19 and restrictions on travel and group gatherings the Nordic Value conferences are unfortunately postponed until further notice. 

The format is a one-day event with breakfast, lunch and dinner and the price range is around 250 €. Attendees present a 15-minute investment pitch, which means atteendees get 15-20 ideas on the day. Atteendees who do not present an idea pays a higher fee.

Nordic Value is for investors, family offices, asset managers and fund selectors and restricted to a maximum of 50 atteendees.

If you are interested in attending pls send a short introductory email to

Nordic Value Investor Conference 2019

Was held on 3rd June 2019 at Blox in Copenhagen

NVIC conferences are for investors, family offices, asset managers and fund selectors. The investor profile is solid due diligence, unique and individual approach to return and risk profile, which implies a prudent valuation appraoch

Key investment discussions were around the return profile going forward, physical assets vs financial assets and investment methods for sustainable good performance

Investment ideas and scorecards only for attendees

More information found on


Nordic Value Investor Conference 2018

Was held at Hotel Admiral - Copenhagen - on 14th June 2018

The key investment discussions for participants and presenters centered around value investment as selection method and when the value approach will be coming back to provide good returns. Or will we continue to see fast growth companies in digital, biotech and conceptual business disrupters continue to leave value investors in the dust?

Another subject of discussion was the impact from fewer sell side analysts which leaves small/mid cap companies 'under investigated' and hence good hunting ground for independent value investors. New regulation only started in 2018, so the coming years will show how this plays out.

Several investors pointed to the fact that the China infrastructure driven boom in 2000’s and the subsequent lower investments in 2010’s has left several segments underinvested. With steady global growth (assuming a harmful global trade war is avoided) the supply/demand balance is turning in favor of miners, shipping and other traditional cyclical industries. 

Time will show and for Nordic Value Investor Conference 2019 the scorecards will be updated. Investment cases takes several years to unfold, so scorecard 2018 will continue to be updated

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