AC Vision Fund



AC Vision Fund is long only, absolute return focused. This is suitable for individuals and the parts of savings where capital preservation and growth is prioritized.




Fee structure is 0.00% fixed fee, 20% performance fee, high water mark.

An entry and exit fee applies



Advice Capital Vision Fund was established in November 2018. 

Ole S√łeberg is a board member and advisor to AC Vision Fund and one of the main holders.


Advice Capital is a Copenhagen-based equity fund boutique with 4 funds.

Advice Capital partners inspires and share investment ideas, - directions and -themes.


AC Vision Fund mandate is to replicate the multi-year, multi-bagger investment practice, which Ole has developed over the years. Obviously, only few companies become multibaggers over 3-5 year periods, so the strategy is very long term. 



Since the financial crisis in 2008 the global economy and financial markets have been on a diet of free steroids provided by central banks and politicians pushing the pedal via fiscal and monetary stimulus. 

This in turn has led the 2010s to be the decade for bond proxy companies (stable earners with no financial leverage and solid dividend policy) and global digital titans with high earnings growth

The next decade will likely be characterized by modest economic growth due to low population growth and 1-2% productivity growth. In such a scenario the most promising growth pockets seems to be;

1. Global affluence with 160 million individuals (435.000 every day) joining the global middle class. Huge need for better food, water, electricity, transportation, communication, energy, education and health


2. Digitalization of almost anything. Exponential growth in data and how its collected, sorted and analysed. And then used to optimize processes, flows and decision making. 

3. Low carbon world with renewable power, new forms for energy storage, transportation and digitalization optimizing the use of ressources and the footprint using them

4. Healthcare efficiency and many more diseases being curable. Diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and other large disease areas will likely see treatment in 2030, which is not available in 2020. And big moves in prevention via digital monitoring of individuals health situation

The traditional business and inventory cycle still applies, so from period to period growth and inflation will change. However, in a world with evermore data and analytics the efficiency of eco systems will likely reduce the magnitude of economic swings as end-to-end value chains reduce slack and inefficiency.

Risks of financial mis-allocation of capital is the same.

In a investment world with profile listed above Advice Capital Vision Fund focus on identifying companies and business clusters with unique structural growth characteristics. 

The investment proces is GARP i.e. growth/profitability/

valuation triangulation must justify the investment exposure.

And obviously, good stewardship and ESG applies to the companies invested in.